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The Sorcerer’s Confession

Susannah Morgan

Volume 1 in The Sorcerer Series

 Charles Sutton, ghost, has been and can be anything he wants. If he were to present himself in your living room and ask you to be the author of his confession, would you refuse? I think not. Your fear would evaporate in the aura of his charisma, and you would be compelled to travel with him on a magical, metaphysical odyssey of the bizarre and the impossible.

This is an allegory of the human condition, wherein Sutton’s crimes make our sins seem small in comparison.

The possibilty of bonds remaining between people after death is highlighted by an almost irrelevant characterization in the present of Katherine Elliot, the biographer, and then deliberately  juxtaposed with the strong love story of Sutton and Elizabeth. It leaves one wondering who, in our present life, we may have known in a past life, and if re-incarnation is fact, indeed.

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Midwest Book Review: “…THE SORCERER’S CONFESSION is especially recommended to those readers who enjoy a bit of the metaphysical and magical in their fiction. THE SORCERER’S CONFESSION is a unique, exceptionally well written, tour-de-force saga by Susannah Morgan, whose next novel will be eagerly awaited by those who have thoroughly enjoyed this, her first appearance in print.” James Cox, Senior Editor.

Metaphysical Reviews: “This reviewer knows that Susannah Morgan has given us a delight, filled with intrique, spirituality, intensity and even (at times) humor. I would not be surprised at all if The Sorcerer’s Confession became a major motion picture. Further, I hope Susannah Morgan will write more of such passionate prose.” Richard Fuller, Senior Editor.

New Times: “Good for the soul….whether you believe in ghosts and sorcerers or not, the basic premise of the book is entertaining. And whether you agree with the characters assessments of good and evil, the ideas and questions they raise will at least give you pause and make you wonder about your own relationship to society, your loved ones, and yourself.”

Harriet Klausner: “THE SORCERER’S CONFESSION is a tour-de-force novel that fans of historical thrillers or supernatural tales must read.”


          The  Sorcerer’sPromise

Susannah Morgan

Volume 2 in The Sorcerer Series

After more than a decade, Charles Sutton, ghost, comes back into the life of California mystery writer, Katherine Elliot. Sutton still has all the powers of a dedicated sorcerer, and he battles the Lord of Darkness once more.

Kate and Charles are together again for a new metaphysical adventure in Sutton’s past and Kate’s present. From California to the mountains of Afghanistan, to England and the island of Montserrat, this is a tale of love, hate, assassinations and enlightenment.

Kindle : ISBN: 9780983663003 FREE PREVIEW

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Charles and Kate return in the second volume of THE SORCERER SERIES: here to engage newcomers and prior fans alike. For the record: Charles is a 200-year-old ghost – a sexy one at that – and California mystery writer Katherine is his cohort. Charles has special powers for a ghost; he can time travel, take over bodies, and either heal or harm.

His talents are now modified: he chooses to not use demons, and so when he returns to Katherine’s life, it’s with quite a different purpose. He’s a reformed ghost now interested in doing right-and his brother has drawn him into the world of mass murder and redemption, a mission that will challenge and change his purposes.

Complicating his purposes is Katherine, his worldly lover, whose husband has just died. A hospital mistake makes her a widow-but since there is an afterlife, Glen isn’t really dead…

Charles becomes involved in a complicated mission juxtaposing romance with struggle when his brother decides to take on a righteous cause and leaves Charles the caretaker of his earthly body. From the Middle East and politics to lessons learned in the Afterlife about heaven and hell, Charles and Katherine’s romance blossoms and reveals more insights on the nature of being: “With the help of Dante’s imaginative work, the Catholic Church sold Hell as a piece of real estate to its adherents. I’ve searched high and low for Hell. I went to the center of the earth and found it hot, but no devil. I toured around the universe and found only outer space.”

What makes THE SORCERER’S PROMISE stand out from the crowd is an attention to romance, interpersonal interaction, and a focus on healing rifts and bettering the universe -all packaged in the moving story of a ghost searching for meaning and purpose in both good and evil forces. Add poetic language and Katherine’s evolution from a corporal entity to Charles’ companion and you have a fine, riveting read recommended for fantasy and romance enthusiasts alike!    Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews

metaphysical, sorcery, occult, paranormal, life after death, reincarnation, spiritual

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