Tis the Season of the Witch…

Lately, I’ve been researching and writing my 3rd novel. One of my characters is a white witch, and so, tis my season of the witch until I finish the book.

There’s the, “Rule of Three,” in witchdom that is taken very seriously by the good spell casters. It says any lie, foul deed, or evil spell will return to its creator threefold. If you happen to run into a seriously ill person who’s puking inside a chalk pentagram while burning mucky smelling herbs and black candles; it’s a safe bet they’ve been casting harmful spells.

In my opinion, the concept isn’t so different than the one of karma held by the Hindus and Buddhists; or, as the Bible says, “As ye sew, so shall ye reap,” loosely translated as, “What goes around comes around.” My Gran nailed it when she said, “Don’t expect to keep your hands clean when you’re slinging mud around.”

 President Obama sold his Affordable Care Act, (Obamacare) downplaying the mandate that everyone must have insurance or pay a penalty. He was adamant that it was not a tax. Meanwhile, his attorneys went to the Supreme Court and argued that the mandate was a tax. They wanted to use the Commerce Clause, which says the U.S. Congress may regulate trade/commerce amongst foreign nations and States, as a way to tax and regulate health care across the country.

Supreme Court Justice Roberts called it what it has always been, a tax, and then said the Commerce Clause must not be used as a gun to the head of States who want to opt out of Obamacare. 

A few reports claim that a tax of almost $700 a year will be levied against young, healthy Americans who choose not to enroll in Obamacare. From what I’ve read, there’s also a new 3.8% tax when you sell your home.

Seems to me like the lies about the costs of Obamacare are coming back to haunt the liars threefold.

Some Democrats are trying to start a race war, saying things like the Republicans don’t like our President because he’s black. CNN ran a Rodney King special when he died recently. You know, Virginia, the black man who fought the Los Angeles police and got beaten on videotape; the guy who said, through his broken nose, “Can’t we all get along?”

One of the problems in that whole episode was that KTLA TV in Los Angeles cut the first part of the tape that showed King attacking a police officer, and didn’t mention the fast speed car chase that preceded the incident. Sloppy journalism and a stupid court ruling, which let the police officers off completely, started a race riot in Los Angeles in the 1990’s.

I’ve known a few LA cops who became racially prejudiced after trying to police the war zone of drugs and drive-by shootings in East LA. They were rude, crude racial supremacy types that I no longer wanted to know.

Back at the Whitehouse, President Obama bemoans his dwindling election campaign funds while hosting a Gay Pride event. Leading news anchor, Anderson Cooper of CNN, now says he’s gay. The problem I have with the media blather on gays is that they’re NOT the problem. The real problems are: 46 million Americans on food stamps, unemployment at an outrageously high level, and millions of people dumped from their homes in possibly illegal foreclosures.

With the financial lobby in Washington, D.C. spending billions a year, bewitching Congress, shutting them up on the subject of mortgage fraud, I have to wonder who should be President. Is Romney the better bet, because he’s worth over $200 million and therefore has no reason to get himself suborned by Wall Street banksters? Maybe.

In Southern California, the wishes of homeowners could be coming true. The Counties of San Bernardino, Fontana and Ontario are joined in a proposal to use the government’s “Eminent Domain,” law to take over underwater mortgages. Under eminent domain, a government can take over a property if it benefits the public. They buy it by paying current market prices to the property owner.

The county managers are working on a plan to keep thousands of people in their homes who have mortgages that are higher than the value of the properties. They want to buy the mortgages at current value and give the lower mortgages back to the resident homeowners. Finally, something that may work to halt banksters from kicking people out of their homes in foreclosures…

 As I’ve written before, the banksters get the full, original loan amount paid to them from insurance when a home is foreclosed. After they get the loan paid off, the servicing companies, the ones who collect the monthly mortgage payments, get to keep money earned in the subsequent sale of the home. It’s been a wicked recipe for stealing houses over the past few years by the servicing arms of Wall Street banks Wells Fargo, Citi, and Bank of American, to name a few.

Currently, there’s so much mudslinging going on in the media that it’s difficult to see anyone with clean hands. Perhaps political hopefuls would do well to have another look inside the Bible, or their own minds for that matter, and identify just what crop of negative nonsense they’re sewing. 

While I’m not really planning to cast any spells, it sure is fun to write a character that does. Then again, I could change my mind…a few dollops of this and that with candles under a full moon…Virginia stop laughing!


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