To the Moon Alice, to the Moon!

I recently watched an old TV sit-com, The Honey Mooners, where bus driver, Ralph Kramden, and his friend Ed Norton, a sewer worker, persistently try and fail to get rich. Alice, Ralph’s wife, insults his money-making schemes with cutting remarks. Ralph replies by raising his fist and shouting, “To the moon, Alice, to the moon.” Her deadpan face and his puffed up anger is hilarious.

In reality, when things don’t go your way often enough, when a bad situation is out of your control, when you’re worn out from taking deep breaths and pasting a smile on your face; it’s human nature to get angry. I’ve always been a glass-half-full kind of gal, but things are beyond crazy out here.

The housing market is still underwater and gasping for breath nationwide. 1 in 4 homeowners owe more than the current value of their homes. All the home equity that was a huge factor in the retirement plans of millions of Americans is long gone. Poof! Now retirees are looking for jobs that don’t exist.

A loan rep told me last week that sales in the Las Vegas area, which includes pretty much all of Southern Nevada, are down 50% due to low inventory of homes for sale. Southern California has similar problems. (My job as a Realtor supports my writing habit.)

Part of the problem is that the FHA, (Federal Housing Authority) has not been releasing their inventory of foreclosed homes onto the market, but has been selling them in bulk to investors.

They’re happy over at the FHA, which is bailed out almost monthly with taxpayer money, because they got 95% of the current appraised value in their sales, numbers which would amount to 30% to 50% of their original loan amounts. (For example, home values in Southern Nevada have crashed almost 70% from 2006.)

My world tipped from glass-half-full to, “Where the hell’s the wine?” when I received an email from someone who actually read the Obamacare Bill. I welcome anyone who can dispute the following, taken from the Bill:

Page 22: the government will audit the books of all employers who self-insure.

Page 27: a government commission will be formed to decide on individual health care.

Page 29, lines 4-16: health care will be rationed to $5000 per year for individuals and $10,000 per year for families.

Page 50, Section 152: health care will be provided to all non U.S. citizens, legal or illegal.

 Page 58: the government will have real time access to your finances and a national Health Care I.D. card will be issued.

Page 72, lines 8-14: a Health Care Exchange will be formed to bring all private plans under government control.

Page 102, lines 12-18: all people eligible for Medicaid will automatically be enrolled. (There is no choice.)

Page 195: Employees of the Health Care Administration will have access to all Americans’ personal and financial records.

Page 253, lines 10-18: the government will set the value of doctors’ time and professional judgments.

Page 239, lines 14-24: physician’s services will be reduced for Medicaid.

Page 280, Section 1151: the government will penalize hospitals for preventable re-admissions. (“Nurse; wasn’t this guy in an accident last month? We can’t admit him again. Don’t worry about the chest wound…” my warped humor.)

Pages 354: the government will restrict enrollment of special needs individuals.

Here’s the real kick in the gut; the health of seniors under Obamacare pretty much boils down to the government ordering them how and when to die. There’s no room for miracles here:

Pages 425 lines 4-12: the government mandates advanced care planning where seniors must be interviewed once a year and decisions made as to what care they can and cannot receive.

Page 425, lines 17-19: living wills and power of attorney will be mandatory.

Page 426 lines 1-3: the government will provide an approved list for “end of life,” resources.

Page 427 lines 15-24: physician orders for “end of life,” are mandatory.

Page 429¸ lines 1-9: advanced care planning consultation will be used frequently as the patient’s health deteriorates.

Page 429, lines 13-25: the government will specify which doctors can write an “end of life,” order.

Page  430, lines 11-15: the government will decide what level of treatment seniors will receive at the end of their life.

Thanks mainly to the plotting and scheming of Nancy Pelosi, (“You have to pass the bill to read what’s in it.”) Obamacare is mandatory and it does have a $2 trillion price tag. So far, Medicare has been raped and pillaged for over $500 billion in Obamacare costs, a sordid joke, because the government owes $16 trillion and needs to borrow more just to keep afloat.  

In short, our government can now kill off our seniors, borrow the money to do it, all while making sure that every illegal alien gets health care. “To the moon, Nancy, to the moon!”


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